Laser hair removal 

Farzana’s Beauty and Aesthetics Clinic offers a confidential solution to the problem of unwanted hair with speed, comfort and privacy. Light through the skin destroys hundreds of hair follicles simultaneously without harming the surrounding skin tissue. The method is faster and kinder to the skin than any other methods. Is a non-invasive light treatment for the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. It provides great results on all areas of the body. 
Book your appointment for hair removal by calling 0121 326 0304 

Other hair removal treatments 


Full Body & Facial Waxing 






Advanced electrolysis 

I have been coming to this clinic for a long time. Ther staff are polite and friendly. The establishment is clean and the service is tantastic. 


PRP platelet rich plasma. You can have on face and scalp to achieve healthier and younger looking skin. Non-invasive procedure which uses the client’s own blood to promote collagen growth under the skin. A small amount of blood will be drawn and then processed in machine call centrifuge to concentrate the platelets and this inject into your skin to improve fine line, wrinkle, scars, sun damage etc. PRP therapy is a safe and completely natural treatment with no arficial products being injected into the body. It’s more effecve when combined with microneedling. 


Vitamin injecons are a powerful way to supplement your health and wellness with essenal vitamins. Injecons increase the bioavailability of vitamins, allowing your body to absorb them more quickly and efficiently than when taken orally. Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C shots are two types of vitamin injecons commonly used as dietary supplements or to treat deficiencies.Vitamins will help to improve your immunity system and healthy skin, increase your energy, hair health, boost your metabolism and improve your mental health. ( Ask for more informaon) 


Lemon Bole is a new advanced lipolysis soluon for the face and body. Lemon Bole is a high-concentraon fat dissolve soluon that combines Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and other premium ingredients that create fat decomposion by accelerang metabolism of fat cells. 
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